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Melbourne Street Photography – Laneway Cafes – CBD

Melbourne is the food capital of Australia without a doubt, which makes for some cool street photography and a full stomach. The City of Melbourne crams in as many restaurants and cafes as will allow. Everywhere you turn someone has stuffed a cafe or stand somewhere....

Smooth Sunrise, Waves in Motion

Up at the crack of dawn and down for a pre-breakfast wander for some sunset photos down the beach. I took the D810 with a long lens (70-200 f2.8) and decides to back the shutter speed off to 1/4 sec in an effort to capture the movement of the ocean. When you pull the...

Bearded Dragon on a Log

Can you name this Lizard for us? We know it's a dragon and we think it's a bearded dragon but need an expert to confirm for our records.

St Kilda Pier Photography – Port Phillip Bay Melbourne Australia

Off we went to St Kilda Pier to see the Port Phillip Bay Penguins, take some photos of the Pavilion and Melbourne skyline.  Winter in Melbourne probably wasn't the ideal time of year to be wandering out on St Kilda Pier just to see some penguins but hey we were here...

Big Surf at The Alley Cronulla

Big waves rolling at Cronulla in Sydney, off shore winds blowing out some big rooster tails. The photo was taken at The Alley looking back to Cronulla Beach (South Cronulla).

Green Tree Frog

These little guys are more popular than you might think, they just do a good job of hiding. Green Tree Frogs are one the larger Australian Amphibians you'll come across in Australia. Where do Green Tree Frogs live? You can find Green Tree Frogs all over Australia...

Wanda Beach Surfers – The Winter Line up

The middle of Winter in Sydney and you could be forgiven for thinking that it was summer with the number of surfers out getting a wave at Wanda today. It's not too shabby in the water though, the temps still at 18ºC it's warmer in than out. I only went down to test...

Coastal Taipan is one Deadly Snake loaded with Killer Venom

This photo may look like just another snake laying around in the leaves but this bad boy is the Coastal Taipan the world's 5th most venomous snake. Coastal Taipans live in coastal areas of Queensland, Northern Territory, the top end of Western Australia and also Papua...

The Blue Tiger Butterfly from Queensland Sunshine Coast

Just getting around Queensland and dropped into Noosa Heads for a bit of a swim and wander around. Of course, we brought the camera and took a few snaps, including a photo of this Blue Tiger Butterfly sitting on a leaf. I don't know if they're here in plague...

North Cronulla Beach Lifeguard Tower

North Cronulla Beach lifeguard tower at sunset in black and white with a slow shutter taken with a Nikon D810 and 16-35mm Nikon wide angle lens. ___________________ This photo of the North Cronulla Beach Beach lifeguard tower was taken at sunset with a slow shutter....

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