Bombo Quarry & Beach, NSW – Surfing, Fishing & Photography

If you haven’t been to Bombo Quarry & Beach in NSW and you’re a photographer get down there and check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

The rock formations at Bombo Quarry give infinite composition options and the way the light reflects off the tall basalt rock formations changes by the minute, especially in the golden hour around sunset.


The stroll down to the quarry gives you an idea of what you’re in for with¬†the sharp edges and squares of rock reflecting off the afternoon sun.

But don’t have tunnel vision for the water it pays to look around in all directions for photo opportunities.


Bombo Quarry 

Bombo Quarry shows off just how light has an effect on composition often creating the sort after lines that perhaps wouldn’t be there at other times of the day over a particular subject or formation.

The towering rocks form a barrier from the ocean and the waves crash up against them which creates quite a dramatic effect.

While we were there a bus load of tourists were hanging about and a few were sitting on one of the flat rocks when a bigger than usual set rolled in and swamped them, It was was hilarious, I near peed myself. One minute they’re posing about looking cool, pulling duck faces with peace signs, the next they’re standing there soaking wet, winner! You had to be there.

But as good as fun at other people’s expense is, it could have easily gone bad and I don’t recommend getting too close especially if you can’t swim.


Where is Bombo Beach & Quarry in NSW

Bombo is a bout 1hr and 15mins from Sutherland in Sydneys South. A short drive from Wollongong at the north end of Kiama.

You can also get there by train to Bombo Station or just hire a fancy Uber car if you’re stinking rich.


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