I’m very accommodating to fair and reasonable people wanting to feature my images, I’m happy for people to feature my images in “online” roundups who credit me “Matt Dobson” with the photo and provide a “do follow” link back to the page on this website that the image was found.

The following copyright terms and conditions are developed to combat image theft that is rife.

Copyright Conditions

Unless explicitly expressed otherwise, all images I create are owned by me, Matthew Dobson (Photographer and Owner and cannot be used, alone or in part, without my expressed written permission. I hold Copyright © on all my images on this website or off of it — All rights reserved. If I created the image, I own the rights to it wherever it might reside in whatever form.

I own the copyright on all original images as well as all scans and digital duplications of the image.

My All Rights Reserved Copyright © covers the following years:

© 2008-2019 (including and up to the current year should I forget to update this page) Matt Dobson

If you’re interested in using an image of mine, please contact me at please cc to ensure success.

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