Dawn Patrol Cronulla Offshore Swells – Waves Everywhere

Surfers at dawn enjoying some nice offshore waves at the Alley and The Wall at Cronulla.

Offshore Waves Left And Right The Wall North Cronulla

two surfers at dawn on one wave cronulla sydney
Two surfers enjoy an offshore wave at the Alley North Cronulla Beach in Sydney NSW Australia. Photo By Matt Dobson

The waves were breaking nicely everywhere, from Cronulla point, The Alley, The Wall all the way up past Wanda and Green Hills.

The offshore breeze holding the waves up and blowing spray off the lip made for some nice photos.

A big set off waves North Cronulla Beach
Surfers at the alley Cronulla, Sydney, NSW, Australia. By Matt Dobson

These photos were taken handheld with a Nikon D850 and 70-200 f2.8 wide open (no filter) at a fast shutter speed.

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