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Goannas fight in Mungo Brush National Park

Wild Goanna, Battle Royale – Fight For Your Right to Party

May 2, 2017

On a visit to Myall National Royal National Park at Port Stephens in New South Wales, we interrupted a couple of Goannas going at it in a battle for mating rights and territory. The fight went on for well over an hour and was more like a tactical wrestling match than a brawl.


Claws of the goanna hold on tight

Claws of the goanna hold on tight, these two are not friends.


Most of the goannas around here are quite tame to people due to being around visitors who feed them. Goannas often raid campsites and garbage bins when they can for food.


A goanna fight goes on for ages until there is a winner.

Goannas rear up. this could take a while

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