St Kilda Pier Photography – Port Phillip Bay Melbourne Australia

Off we went to St Kilda Pier to see the Port Phillip Bay Penguins, take some photos of the Pavilion and Melbourne skyline. 

Winter in Melbourne probably wasn’t the ideal time of year to be wandering out on St Kilda Pier just to see some penguins but hey we were here so…

It’s  quite a long walk down the pier to the St Kilda Pavilion located at the end of the pier, so I didn’t bother bringing a tripod or anything. Just the D810 and the Nikon 16-35mm lens.

Though I wish I had bought along with a ski suit and thermal balaclava.

Shelter on St Kilda Pier
You might want some shelter on your walk down St Kilda Pier in winter.

Thankfully there’s a kiosk in the pavilion, so if you’re dying of hypothermia you can at least spend your last hours on earth with a hot cup of coffee and a bucket of chips.

Then again those pesky seagulls will probably pinch your chips then pick at your frozen corpse.

Never mind my sooking though, you should expect to be cold out in the middle of Port Phillip Bay in winter.

St Kilda Pier and Pavilion Black and White
St Kilda Pier and Pavilion

We were there around 4 in the afternoon for the perfect light. Surprisingly there were quite a lot of people there and plenty of fishermen as well. Apparently, it’s good fishing in Port Phillip Bay, it would want to be!

The Penguins weren’t quite as stupid as the humans though, they were all buried up in their nests nowhere to be seen.

But don’t let that deter you, summer, spring, and autumn in St Kilda is packed and by the number of boats at the marina. I imagine Port Phillip Bay would get very busy.

Where is St Kilda Pier

St Kilda Pier is an iconic landmark in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on Port Phillip Bay. It is about a 25-minute drive from Melbournes CBD

You can also get a tram from Melbourne to St Kilda if that floats your boat.

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