Wanda Beach Surfers – The Winter Line up

The middle of Winter in Sydney and you could be forgiven for thinking that it was summer with the number of surfers out getting a wave at Wanda today.

It’s not too shabby in the water though, the temps still at 18ºC it’s warmer in than out.

I only went down to test the drones filter away from everyone but found myself hanging around a while, long enough to run the battery dead.

Though I had to walk a mile to fly it because with weather like this, people and dogs were everywhere.

Oh yeah, the north end of Wanda / Green Hills Beach is a dog beach, so bring old Rastus along if you want.

Where is Wanda Beach?

Wanda is the middle to north end of that stretch of sand from North Cronulla Beach past Eloura Surf Club just before Green Hills and Boat Harbour.

Wanda Beach Surfers surfing sand bank break, aerial photo.
Aerial photo of surfers of a sandbank at Wanda Beach, Cronulla. Shot with phantom 4 pro drone.

If you’re from out of town Wanda is a better alternative if you want to drive, there’s way more parking, grassland, sand and room to move.

I’m not saying Cronulla is bad, it’s not, it’s excellent.

But you’re MAD if you plan on driving to Cronulla Beach in summer, parking is a nightmare.

You’re rolling the dice for a car park and you’ll be lucky to get one blocks away if you do.

If you’re catching the train, don’t worry just go to Cronulla save the walk.

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